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Spotlight: Personalized Cutting Boards

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Recently we launched a new line of American-made, personalized  cutting boards. These unique kitchen accessories are made in a "striped wood" pattern, crafted using a variety of hardwood strips in unique patterns for a one-of-a-kind board.

Here's a demonstration:

The nifty part is that we can personalize these with a laser engraved decorative monogram of an initial or family name. We use maple wood for the top strip of the cutting board, because maple engraves with a very nice, rich contrast so that the customization is easily readable.

As you see below, the "F1" design encapsulates the monogram initial with a fun swirly design, while the "F2" option adds decorative accents mirrored above and below the engraved initial. The "Family Monogram" includes your family's initial inside the circle on top, and the full name below. 

That's my family's cutting board pictured below for the Family Monogram sample. We have it proudly displayed in our kitchen.

Each board includes a free starter cannister of cutting board wax, made in-house with 100% natural bees wax and mineral oils. This wax gives your board an illustrious shine and keeps it looking brand new.

Reapply board wax weekly or as needed to protect, maintain, and enhance the natural beauty of your solid striped wood cutting board.Using a clean, dry cloth, apply cutting board wax evenly onto your clean wooden cutting board. Allow any excess wax to soak in for at least 30 minutes. Then, remove the excess wax using a fresh clean, dry cloth.

Here's our video on how to use the cutting board wax to maintain your cutting board:

It's fun to use one of these premium cutting boards in the kitchen, knowing it has been handmade in the USA and personalized just for you.

We offer several different sizes, choose from a long, slender 20" x 7" cheeseboard, 9" x 13, 12" x 17", and 16" x 22" classic boards, or a wee little 9" x 9" trivet, which is perfect for serving up small refreshments and appetizers.

See each product  here, along with our butcher's block style end-grain cutting boards. 

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