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Cork Catchers, Cap Catchers, and Vintage Bar Decor, Oh My!

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Do you collect corks from all your favorite wines? Does your spouse save bottle caps from like, every craft beer ever? Then here is the ultimate gift idea for that special someone, or to add to your own list: Personalized cork, bottle cap, and matchbook catchers.

These gorgeous home bar accents mount to the wall, arriving ready to hang. Made in the USA from real wood and a glass front, each one has a hinged top and can hold tons of wine corks, beer bottle caps, or matchbooks. Or use it for all of the above!

It gets better... not only are there many designs and themes to choose from (Wine Bar, Cigar Lounge, Irish Pub, Brewing Co., etc), and not only are they done in fun vintage colors, but - best of all! - each one includes personalization! That's right, the name of your choice customized in an attractive antique home bar design, just for you (or your special someone).

Vintage Personalized Cap Catcher

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This "World Famous Brewing Company" cap catcher advertises the finest malts & hops. Colorful rooster and pint glass, antique framing accents, and easy-access top. This can, of course, also be used for corks, matchbooks, and other bar collectibles.

Vintage Personalized Cork Catcher

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If your home bar is decorated in a classic "taste of Italy" style, this vintage "Wine Bar" cork catcher is the one for you. Lovely clusters of red and green grapes inspire the dance of life.

Vintage Personalized Matchbook Catcher

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Here's an old goldie that betrays the luck O the Irish, with all that singing and storytelling and dancing and carrying on. If touring Irish Pubs is your thing, collect all the matchbooks in this lovely personalized case. You'll have memories for a lifetime.


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