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Gift Ideas for Mom


Whether its for Mothers Day, her birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or just because - giving mom a gift is always a good idea. We've compiled an idea list for gifts that your mom - or mom to be would love.

Signs - We have ALOT of them

Many are customizable, take a peek at our collection.

Help Wanted Sign1. Help Wanted Sign

One thing we all learned early was, to never tell mom that you're bored. She will supply you with a laundry list of helpful activities to occupy your "mind".

basswood plaque 2. Classic Home Sweet Home Sign

Laser engraved into basswood, popular with sculptures since the middle ages, these signs are a tasteful addition to any home.


Due to circumstances

3. Due to Circumstances...

There is no need to go into the what, who, hows, and whys of it - but you just don't have a maid or butler. Everybody pitches in.

If Mom aint happy sign4. It's the Truth

We jest and laugh, but we all want mom to be happy. We don't know who first coined the phrase, but we know it to be true.

restroom sign5. Irish Restroom Sign

Cute little sign for the restroom, or wherever. We also have a "himself" sign, if you want a matching set. Frame is optional.

Behind every women coffee sign6. Self Caffeinated

"Substantial amount" is such a subjective term, could be it was the whole pot of coffee, or a quad caramel macchiato, or 4 cups of tea - but it did the trick.  





Loungy type gifts

We also have a lot of swanky ladies lounge items for mom.

Cork Cage1.Barrel Cork Cage

What to do with all of those corks? We have a number of cork cages to store the corks to make a future cork board, cork floor, or just to show off.


Flask, customized2. Custom Colored Flask

When the caffeine stops working. Available in a number of color schemes, personalize this flask with moms name, or maybe just "Mom's".  


Vintage Clutch - Personalized3. That Clutch

The vintage clutch, because dresses don't have pockets. Get mom a vintage 20's accesory to fit her swanky style. Customize with name or monogram.    






Monogrammed Cocktail Shaker4. Classy Cocktail Shaker

Make that Gin and Tonic just right for mom in her monogrammed cocktail shaker.

High Feel Wine Caddy5. It's a Bottle in a Shoe

Tastefully display the evenings wine choice in this classy little heel. We have a number of different high heels to choose from.


We have a wonderful collection of organic wreaths to choose from, here's a sampling.

Pussywillow wreath1.Pussy Willow and Daffodil Wreath

A loverly spring flavored wreath. 18 inches and wonderfully fragrant.






Indian Corn Wreath

2. Indian Corn Fall Wreath

Perfect for a seasonal door hanger or centerpiece. All the colors of fall with Port Orford Cedar, Coffeeberry and dried Safflowers.

Lavender Wreath3. Dried Lavender Wreath

Dried lavender, organically harvested from the Oregon coast, aromatic and beautiful.

Noble Fir Christmas Wreath4. The Jolly Christmas Wreath

Another great seasonal wreath, crafted with Noble Fir, magnolia, and Ilex berries.

Rustic Rose Wreath5. The Rustic Rose

Wild roses, hydrangea and latifolia this timeless wreath will give your home a warm country feel.

Seeds of Joy6. Joys of Christmas Wreath

Crafted from Salal, Noble Fir and Eucalyptus. This beautiful wreath will give the home all of the scents and the feel of a classic christmas.

Wooden Gifts

We also offer an extensive selection of wooden personalized gifts, below is just a sampling.

Keepsake Box1. Keepsake Box

Maybe she keeps all of your baby teeth (so sentimental), or old letters, or whatever your mom holds onto. This customizable glass lid keepsake box is a must have for mom.


Engraved Gift Set2. Desk Set w/Compact

This professional, laser engraved gift set is a great gift for mom. Includes keychain, pen, compact and clutch.

Barrel Top Lazy Susan 3. Oak Barrel Lid, Lazy Susan

Several logos are available, and have some text laser engraved in this beautiful centerpiece. Also available in several colors.

Pocket Mirror4. Engraved Compact

Upload any logo/image and phrase on this classic little compact.


 Custom Cutting Boards

These end grain cutting boards are crafted to last a lifetime. Using the end grain, creates a much more durable working surface than the typical long grained boards.  

Walnut Endgrain Cuttingboard1. Hardy Walnut Cutting Board

This classic walnut cutting board is tough and ready to work.

Custom Boards2. Completely Custom Cutting Boards

Have a custom sized cutting board constructed for your mom.

Checkered Cutting Board6. Checkered Cutting Board

This swanky checkerboard cutting board will give new life to any kitchen.

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