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Spotlight: Gifts for the Fisherman's Pub

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The Fisherman's Pub connotes a certain look and feel - verily, even a certain salty, fish-scented smell - the look and feel of a coastal town set in its ways, old timers shooting the breeze over bad coffee, and well-worn yet comfortable tavern with photos of prized catches on the wall and the bubbly sound of fish & chips in the deep fryer.

To transform your own Man Cave or Home Bar into a true Fisherman's Pub, you'll need old nets, wooden chests, miscellaneous fishing gear, bad photographs of men in plaid jackets holding up fish, and a personalized fisherman's pub sign, like one of these:

Fisherman's pubs are famous for their greasy grub - fish and chips, all manner of fried vegetables, overstuffed hamburgers with mounds of sea-salt fries, and of course a broad selection of ales and spirits. All this has to get to the table safely, so an oak barrel head serving tray is in order:

You'll also need something to assist in opening up the brews which go alongside the fried delicacies, so be sure to keep a bottle opener handy:

And all your fishermen buddies will require a place to safely store their fishing rods:

Competition for the bar, pub, and tavern clientele is tough, so the way to stand out in a crowded field is to create your own in-house signature spirits. You'll need an authentic oak barrel - preferably engraved with your private reserve label - to age, store, and serve this special brew. Here are two designs for your fisherman's pub, which you can get personalized and in any size from 1 to 20 liters:

With these additions to your home bar, your ocean-themed fisherman's pub will be a smash hit with friends and guests.

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