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Need Directionals? Our Vintage Pointer Signs will show you the way!

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Got directionals? Yes, we do! If you need some pointers, we can certainly help. Our new line of vintage-style directional signs are crafted right here in the USA from premium furniture-grade MDF wood, finished in an antique style, and hand-carved with a literal hand that points the way to wherever you need pointing!

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These are spacious wood pointer signs, measuring a broad 26" wide and 6" in height. The pointing hand can be oriented to point left or right - your choice. We have dozens of pre-set designs, or your can customize it with your own text. Each directional sign arrives ready to hang with D-ring hangers on the back, immediately pointing the way to the office, cashier, game room, wedding reception, office, restrooms, and more!

Sturdy, durable wood with a dark black finish mimics the well-dressed arm of a dapper concierge, pointing out where guests or customers should go. Looking for the casino? To the left. Going to visit the ladies room? On the right. Wondering where the wedding ceremony is going to be held? Just look at the sign!

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Themes include:

  • Personalized Wine Cellar
  • Personalized Wedding
  • Personalized Reception
  • Custom text of your choice
  • Stairs
  • Exit
  • Restrooms (Men, Women, "Toilette", etc)
  • Boss
  • Office
  • Cashier
  • Casino
  • Cigar Lounge
  • Dressing Room
  • Game Room
  • Pool

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