Holiday Shipping

Please note that at this time, we cannot guarantee delivery of orders in time for Christmas. 

Production time for most items is accurate as listed on each product page, but shipping carriers have been taking on average about 4-6 business days. So, while we are still producing and personalizing your orders as quickly as we can, we simply cannot guarantee that your order will arrive before the holiday. 

What to do if it doesn't arrive in time...

Custom orders just take time. But they're worth it! If your gift isn't able to arrive by Christmas, we think it's still worth giving.

We always suggest that you print out a photo or screenshot of the product from our store, then stick it into a holiday card along with a small gift certificate for coffee or donuts or a cutesy gift like ugly Christmas socks or a DIY gift basket of hot chocolate supplies.

In your card, let the recipient know that their gift is being custom made just for them and will be arriving soon - so the holiday cheer will continue even after Christmas day!