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Gift Ideas for the Man Cave



It's his space. To sit - think - nap - create - repair - destroy in joy and despair.

A space to just be the man he is.

It smells, sounds and feels like him.

The space where his favorite beer is on tap - wine is in the rack and coffee is in the pot.

The movies that inspire him, the art that reflects him. His personal man-space. Some call it the Man Cave - Man-Land - the Mantuary, a sanctuary for his sanity.

The Man Cave is on the rise as a home decor trend. The themes vary, from the big screen tv running sports center, to the greasy garage with the beer fridge, to the paneled room with busy book shelves or the chic gentlemen's pad.
The Official Man Cave Site defines a man cave as follows:

man cave n. A dedicated area of a house, 
such as a basement, workshop, or garage, 
where a man can be alone or socialize with his friends.

So without further ado, here is our man cave gift guide, featuring 16 gift ideas for the man cave:



Our man cave signs are handcrafted in the USA out of furniture grade wood and professionally silk screened by hand, then finished with a hand routed, gold pinstriped edge.

Man Cave Warning Sign Personalized1. Warning Signs

Let them know that they have been warned - "Did you read the sign?" For the man who's personal Man Cave might be a bit of a hazard to enter hanging this sign might be for the best for everybody.



Image of Man Cave sign2. Legit Man Cave Sign w/ 3D Mug

Clearly define where your space begins with this personalized pub style sign. Add your name to the plaque in brazen lettering, clearly marking out your territory.





Garage wall clock with personalized name plate3.Personalized Garage Wall Clock

When in the garage a man will often slip into a time warp where to him, no time passes while he is working on his project. Unless, maybe you put a clock on the wall with his name on it. A beautiful vintage grarage clock.





What happens in the man cave sign4. What Happens in the Man Cave Sign

It's not so much that there are secrets that need to be kept in the Man Cave, it's not exactly Vegas in there. It's just that we don't want what happens in there to contaminate the whole house. It's a sort of a metephysical quarentine on the one side, and a boundary of the sancuary on the other. It's good both ways.




A frothy mug, a frosted pilsner glass or clean martini glass - it's a classy way to finish of the man-cave. All of our glassware have personalizations available, ad your man cave slogan, personal initials or jersey numbers - these are laser etched and will stand the test of time.

mustache-pilsners.jpg5. Mustachioed Pilsner Glasses

I love'm. They may be passe in a few years, but as for now, Magnum P.I. is back in the drivers seat. These pilsne glasses are hand blown and custom etched with four unique mustache styles. Dripping with hipster awesomeness.





Beer Tankard6. British Dimpled Tankard

Popular in the 1960's in Great Britian, these classy dimpled tankards are making a comeback. Available with a custom etched monogram of your choice, these timeless tankards would make a stated presence in any man cave.





Martini Glass7. The Custom Etched Martini Glass

The martini glass is a much younger beverage glass than you'd think. It came into being in the 1920's allegedly because it was very effective at emptying the contents of the glass quickly and entirely, should the FEDs bust the speakeasy you were enjoying.

Our martini glasses are available with a custom etched monogram and will keep your favorite mix cool and delicious.




Custom beer growler8. The Growler

Whether your man enjoys some great local craft beer or brews a batch right at home - personalized accessories make a great gift. The growler is used to bring home, fresh from the tap beer from a local bar or brewery. In our glassware line we have a monogrammed growler that would fit proudly in any beer fridge.



The iconic image of the smoky poker table surrounded by men and stoggies. Its the classic man-cave accessory, the hummidor and cigar case.

wooden-humidors.jpg9. Custom Engraved Humidor

These boxes can be custom engraved with text as well as a logo image.


Custome Glass Lid Humidor10. Glass Lid Engraved Humidor

No need for a mysterious, "What's in the box?" conversation. This humidor has a nice glass lid to show off those delicious stogies. Custom engraving available.






Personalised Cigar Holder11. Black Leather Cigar Holder

The traditional congratulatory gift for a graduation, baby born, marriage, promotion... Make that gift a little more special with a leather custom monogrammed cigar holder.






Cigar Barrel Infusion12. Cigar Infusion Barrel

Infuse your cigars with a classic liquor flavor. Available in several flavors and sizes, the barrel functions as both an infuser and a humidor. Have the barrel inscribed with a line of text for a phrase or name.


It's how we test ourselves. Games. We watch them on TV and rise to the challenge of a friendly game of darts, poker, chess or pool.

Pub style dart board13. Customizable Dart Backboard

A must have for any man-cave. Whether you're shooting darts with the guys, or hanging in your mancave hashing out a problem in your mind, the dartboard is a cornerstone to your man space. Available with or without a championship bristle dartboard, and can be customized with your name emblazoned across the top.





Custom Domino Set14. Boxed Domino Set

The ancient game of Dominos goes way back to China in the 10th Century A.D. A game of minds, and childs play at the same time. However you play dominos, this customizable domino set and case can class up any man cave.  Also comes with a two standard decks of cards.





sign-tonights-sportsfare.png 15. Sportsfare Chalkboard

Lets make it clear what we are here for. Annouce the afternoons event be it darts, the game on tv or whatever you want. Available in small and large sizes. 





Custom Chess and Checker Set16. Checker, Chess and Backgammon Set

Its a tri-fecta. Chess, checkers and Backgammon. Another staple for the man cave is a collection of classic board games. This set comes with everything needed for those three games in a neat little case that closes up with neat little leather straps and a lid that can have your name, logo or other text laser engraved into it.


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