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Gift Ideas for Co-Workers


Threading the Needle

Giving gifts and presents in the work environment can be difficult to navigate. While some gift giving is regulated by company policies, sometimes giving can fall into grey areas. Unless you have a personal assistent to take care of these tasks, selecting gifts for clients, leads, co-workers, employer or employees - you need to take a few minutes and thread the needle.

  • Check company policies first - a well written policy can help lay the framework for do's and dont's.
  • Ask around - If your new to the company ask a co-worker about whats typical. And ask a few, as you may get that one co-worker who doesn't enjoy the process.
  • Be thoughtful - Even if your buying the same token gift for the whole office, take some time. If it's a Christmas gift, ask what people thought about last years gift. If its a client or lead, bounce some ideas off others in the department. Don't be afraid to do some research and make it a little more personal - but not too personal.
  • Show some discretion - It's nice to be able to give a gift that hits the target, but not creepily close to home.
  • Keep it professional - Nothing too intimate, gifts that are a little too personal can give confusing signals.

We have a large selection of gifts for both the whole office or an individual, here are a few that may get you on the right path.-- NWG

1) A Custom Box Knife Gift 

Custom Engraved Box Knife

Whether you work in a warehouse or in an office, there are always boxes that need to be opened. And these personalized box cutters are always sharp and ready to go. Give your co-workers on

e of these with these with their name blazoned across the handle or maybe buy a batch for the whole crew, we give bulk discounts. They are perfect everyday use practical gift choice.

2) A Personalized Pen Set 

Engraved Pen Set

A classic office gift, a personalized pen set is great as an office warming gift for that colleague that made it to the next level, or nailed that last project. Don't be afraid to get creative with the personalization. Maybe just their name, but how about a phrase they are often heard saying around the office.

3) A Personalized Game Gift Set 


Give a gift that will beautifully accent any office. A personalized Chess, Checker and Backgammon Set. You can have the birch box engraved with your co-workers name, company logo or a custom design. Play a quick game over lunch or set a table up and stragtegize and exchange moves throughout the week. 


4. Hard Wood Photo Album

Engraved Photo Album

Your co-worker will no doubt fill this amazing little album with memories. Or, may be use this album as a portfolio to display projects they have worked on.  Have your companies logo or a message laser engraved on the cover and an optional special message inscribed on the inside cover. Holds up to 100 4x6 photos. 

5) Keepsake Box with Etched Glass

Wood Keepsake Box

This impressive gift box is made in the USA of solid walnut and is very customizable. There are options to etch the glass with a logo, photo, or phrase. You can add a foam insert to protect a keepsake or other gift. The plaque on the outside can also be laser engraved. The gift applications for this keepsake box are outstanding. Customize a box today.

6) Laser Engraved Metal Bookmarks

Engraved BookmarksAvailable in 6 different colors, these aluminum book marks are anodized all the way around to protect your favorite novel or book. These premium book marks make a great achievement award or gift pack add-on. Have a logo or phrase laser engraved across the front of the book mark to commemorate the gift. 

7) Custom Engraved Key Chain

Engraved Round Wooden Keychain

Beautifully engraved in either maple or rosewood.These classy little key chains are simple, elegant and sturdy. These custom key chains come in either a round or rectangular shape and can be laser engraved with just about any logo or design. And the bulk pricing rates are fantastic.

8) Personalized Christmas Bulb

Personalized OrnamentA classy white christmas bulb, this customizable gift can have your company logo, endearing phrase or a full color photo printed on it. Mark the annual Christmas Party, or memorialize an inside joke amongst co-workers. As always, bulk discounts are available

9) Personalized Flask Gift Set

Personalized Black Flask Set

A custom engraved Stainless Steel Flask Set, that comes with a funnel and 4 shot glasses that can also be engraved all in one tidy gift box.  

10) Custom Marble Coaster Set


Customized Coaster SetTired of seeing those lame worn-out coasters on the desk. These jet black marble coasters can dress up anybodies office or cubicle. 

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